Epoxy flooring products are applied over concrete floors to provide a durable, safe, and attractive floor. Epoxy is mainly installed in the industrial sectors. 

Concrete floors can be strong and long lasting. However, the surface or wear layer is usually the weakest part of the concrete. The near-surface wear layer receives most of the wear and abuse that comes with an active facility. Concrete is a porous material and will absorb oil and chemicals that penetrate deep into the concrete and sometimes the substrate. This will result in contamination of the substrate and/or will cause the concrete to prematurely deteriorate. Epoxy flooring can be a durable solution.

Some benefits of epoxy coatings are:

  • systems can have anti-skid texture added in wet areas
  • custom colour matching available
  • increases abrasion and chemical resistance when compared to concrete
  • smooth coatings are easily cleaned and maintained
  • fast curing for quick turnaround